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Our goal is to provide the best human-centered learning experience through our personalized and culturally enriching French courses, all about fostering language skills and cultural understanding.

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Bonjour !

Learning a language should be fun and rewarding.

Furthermore, we believe that acquiring a new language is a valuable skill, capable of opening up a wide range of professional, personal and cultural opportunities.

This is why we are committed to providing you with all the support and motivation necessary to achieve this.

About our values

With kindness, we help you achieve your goals, overcome your apprehensions and become independent.

A personalized and regular follow-up is offered to promote your development and your success in French.

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Here, we like to work in a good atmosphere and take up challenges together!

6 things you need to know about us

#1 – The leader is passionate about teaching and has a long experience.
#2 – We are the author of the MadeInTheFrenchAcademy learning method.
#3 – Our goal is to help you communicate independently.

#4 – Our teaching is personalized in individual and group lessons.

#5 – All our teachers share 100% of our values.
#6 – We love France and want to share its language and culture.

What Our Students Say

« Wonderful teacher and very helpful in adapting to my needs as a French as a second language student! Highly recommend! »


« Loriane is a very nice and responsible tutor. She makes sure that a student gets value from every minute of her lessons. Highly recommend!« 


« Lorene est une très bonne professeur.Elle m’aide beaucoup pour trouver mes points faibles et corriger mes devoirs!merci« 


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